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Bundles of Books Donates 2,000 Children’s Books, Brings Best-Selling Author to Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach

Bundles of Books was lucky enough to present books to the wonderful children at Miller's Children's Hospital in Long Beach on June 1, 2013.
Below is the press release generously reproduced with permission:

It was a fun-filled, educational day for patients at Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach on Saturday, June 1 as once again Miller Children’s went above and beyond to give kids more than just a traditional hospital experience. Patients at Miller Children’s had a chance to read, learn and, at least for a little while, forget about what is going on around them.

Laura Numeroff Reading to a group at Miller's Children Hospital

Bundles of Books, a local, non-profit organization, organized, and made, a special visit to Miller Children’s, which included having more than 2,000 books donated, arranging for best-selling children’s author, Laura Numeroff, to read some of her books, lead literacy activities and canine companion visits. Numeroff is best known for her book “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie.”

“Bundles of Books is aware of all the great work that Miller Children’s does in the community and this gave us a great opportunity to provide a day of fun activities that the kids could really enjoy, with their families, while in the hospital,” says Charmaine Alvarado, chief executive officer, Bundles of Books. “We wanted to promote literacy and reading, while giving the kids something fun to look forward to. They got a chance to listen to one of today’s best-selling children’s authors and at the end of the day they walked away with backpacks full of books. It was a great day for everyone involved and all of us at Bundles of Books were glad to be a part of it.”

Children’s author, Kristia Watson also donated 100 copies of her book “The Miracle Is Me” to the children.

Bundles of Books gives books to children, resources to teachers and training to parents. They identify a needy community and provide children at local schools and in the neighborhood with backpacks (bundles) of their own new children's books.

“We were thrilled when this opportunity came up to work with Bundles of Books,” says Rita Goshert, manager, child life, Miller Children’s. “It was a great day for all the kids, as days like these are special when the kids get to relax and have fun because that is what it is all about.”

A Child reacts to receiving a book